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Basic Spa Pedicure


Relieve your tensions by relaxing in a massage chair while your feet are given a warm bubble bath. This pedicure includes an aromatic foot soak, relaxing treatment, trimmings/shapings of nails, cleaning, cuticle cut, buffing of the feet to a healthy shine, callus removal, warm lotion massage to the lower legs, and followed by warm towels & polish.

Deluxe Spa Pedicure


Relieve your tired and achy legs and feet with this remineralizing pedicure. This pedicure includes an aromatic foot soak, reshaping of the nails, cuticle cut, buffing of the feet to a healthy shine, callus removal, sugar scrub exfoliation, warm lotion treatment with hot stones. Indulge your feet in a warm paraffin wax treatment followed by warm towels and polish.

Organic Spa Pedicure


Relieve your stress with this chemical-free pedicure. We will begin with an aromatic foot soak, reshaping of the nails, cuticle cut, buffing of the feet to a healthy shine, callus removal, feet and leg massage with its organic line of scrub and mask. Then we will use warm towels with a warm lotion to lock in moisture and exfoliate the skin for softer, smoother skin. With this pedicure, it will help improve blood circulation. This pedicure is HIGHLY recommended for clients who have sensitive skin.

Signature Pedicure


Enjoy our top of the notch pedicure that includes an aromatic foot soak with drops of essential oil in your soothing water. This pedicure includes reshaping of the nails, cuticle cut, buffing of the feet to a healthy shine, callus removal, and a relaxing sea salt glow exfoliation to remove dead skin cells. Then we will apply warm lotion and massage oil to release the tension in our theme mud mask that will then be applied to your calves followed by a fresh cucumber treatment and covering of warm towels. This savoring pedicure will be finished with a polish of your choice.

Jelly Deluxe Pedicure


With this pedicure, you will be able to have a fun pedicure experience. This pedicure includes an aromatic foot soak in a jelly consistent water, reshaping of the nails, cuticle cut, buffing of the feet to a healthy shine, callus removal & scrub exfoliation. It will end with a warm lotion and hot oil massage leaving you with beautiful & smooth skin. Your feet will then be relaxing in a warm paraffin wax. Warm towels will then be applied, Followed with a polish by any color of your choice.

Jelly Detox Pedicure (in a package)


With this pedicure, you will be treated to the best pedicure that we have to offer! Not only are you going to feel wonderfully pampered, it will also cleanse, soften, and purify your skin as well. 4 steps to achieve all these benefits: Purifying Soak - Detox Masque - Salt Scrub - and Massage Butter!


Cherry Blossom


A recent study suggests that plum vinegar extract of cherry blossom is a rich source of caffeic acid and other phenolic anti-oxidants. Cherry blossoms are known for its rich anti-oxidant levels and soothing properties. Rich in essential fatty acids, it repairs the skins natural barriers to promote a smooth, supple skin. The cherry blossom is also used for stress relieving after some long hard day. Therefore, it is very suitable to consume in the afternoon break after long daily activities. It will help improve the mind and create positive feelings.

Sweet Olive


Use of Olive Oil for Nail Growth & Care: Brittle nails are a bothersome condition due to over-drying of the cuticle and nail bed. This causes difficulty in growing healthy, strong nails. There are several over-the-counter remedies to strengthen and moisturize nails, however, olive oil applied daily may give the same results. Olive oil penetrates the skin and nail, to help repair damage and soften nails and cuticles, which leads to nail strength and health. Rich in polyphenols with antibacterial and antifungal properties olive oil is good for moisturizing and strengthening the fragile fingernails.

Lavender Breeze


Stressed? Relieve with Lavender Aromatherapy. Lavender Relieves with Lavender Oil and Extract. The most versatile essential oil on the planet, lavender essential oil has been shown to strengthen the nails and the cuticles, as well as keeping them moisturized. Its antibacterial properties fight off germs that can infect the cuticle. If you're prone to dry skin on and around your cuticles, use helps hydrate skin. Also, lavender benefits in being antiseptic and anti-fungal which help reduce scarring and speed healing.

Orange Mandarin


Orange can be boosting your nails' healthy development. The abundance of Vitamin C will facilitate the production of collagen which will help to make your nails healthier and stronger over time. They also have large amount of folic acid which is found to improve the growth of nails.

Butter Milk


Buttermilk Is Used For Skin Care And Cosmetics. It will help reduce toxins present in the body, to promote a smoother and zit-free skin. It also moisturizes the skin, giving it a natural glow and improves elasticity. Buttermilk is also very relaxing and soothing. It provides several benefits to the skin and is rich in probiotic lactic acid; it is one of the best peel-off facial masks you can use. It is used for exfoliating skin, brightening it and making it soft, as well. It can also be useful to treat freckles. So now you can go in the sun without worries! It is a great facial wash or mask for preventing premature aging. Regular use of buttermilk helps tighten the skin and keeps it wrinkle-free and youthful. Spots and other blemishes are controlled and get diminished in time with regular use of buttermilk because of the astringent properties of lactic acid.

Green Tea Latte


So you thought green tea was or drinking? But the truth is that it goes well beyond many other plants for its unique beneficial use. Most nails grow at a rate of about  1/8 inch each month, but if your nails are not receiving the nutrition they need, they'll split or break. If your nails are damaged by frequent exposure to detergents, chemical, the environment or some other outside source, you can change that. If your poor nail condition is the result of a poor diet, you can change that, too. Where diet is concerned, the nail depends on vitamins A, B, C, D and E, iron, calcium, zinc, sulfur, and fatty acids.
So how does green tea work to better the condition of your nails?
Antioxidants in green tea are not limited to working inside the body. Green tea also acts as a natural sunscreen, so applying the essential oil before going to the beach will protect your nails from the damaging and drying effects of the sun. 



Every part of the pomegranate has been used for 4,000 years. Form the outer skin to the flesh, seeds and even the bark for health and skincare. This exotic fruit is a member of the berry family and has biblical ties as a highly nutritious food source high in Vitamin-C, Vitamin-E, Zinc, and Copper. The cold pressed and unrefined oil of the pomegranate has an exceptionally high natural Vitamin-C content and is known to expedite wound recovery, protect the outer dermal layers and aid in the regeneration of skin.

Tropical Citrus


Tropical Citrus contain citric acids which aid in killing bacteria and various other pathogens present on the skin. This leaves the skin fresh and clean. Tropical Citrus have a special space in aromatherapy because of their special fragrance. Tropical Citrus are beneficial in moisturizing the skin well, help in softening dry and patched skin and also help in treating other skin conditions like chapped hands. The antioxidants present in Tropical Citrus aid in removing dead skin cells. 
Tropical Citrus is also beneficial in reducing signs of aging. It helps in reducing wrinkles, discoloration, skin dryness and other signs of aging in the skin.
Dehydration can make your skin dull. So, citrus fruits like lemon can be used to brighten up and refresh your face and skin. Vitamin C present in Tropical Citrus gives a natural radiant looking skin. It is also known that citrus fruits help in reducing acne.
Citrus fruits also help in strengthening and maintaining the integrity of nails. Apart from this, it also aids in growing nails healthy and faster.

Aloe Vera


Aloe Vera gel is a great help for treating brittle and dry fingernails. Aloe Vera gives your healthy and shiny nails. Also, Aloe Vera is a soothing mask for your skin and a natural sunscreen that cures suntan and prevents your skin from further tanning. It promotes cellular regeneration and healthy skin cell turnover too.

Honney Pearl


One outstanding property of honey is humectant. Which means it helps retain moisture when applied to the skin. Honey exfoliate your skin and will hydrate, nourish, and cleanse your skin. Honey has antibacterial properties that make it a supper pore cleaner. As mentioned before, honey is a humectant, so its natural properties help restore dry, cracked cuticles or help keep them supple.




Hawaiian Sangna




Milk & Honey













Classic Manicure


Relax while your polish is being removed, your nails are being shaped and your hands are bathed in an aromatic soak, cuticle cut, buffing of the nails to a healthy shine and the rubbing of warm lotion on your hands & arms, with warm towels and a polish of your choice. (15 min, massage)

Signature Manicure


Our signature manicure will begin with a fresh lemon juice soak. Then we will reshape your nails to your preference, cuticle detail, buffing of the nails to a healthy shine, warm lotion/oil massage wrapped in a warm towel followed by a polish. (10 min, massage)

Deluxe Manicure


All of the advantages of our classic manicure with the addition of a paraffin wax treatment. The deluxe manicure soothes the pain of arthritis and achy muscles. The process will begin with the arms in warm towels followed by a polish. (8 min, massage)


Dip Powder Full Set


Dip Powder Pink & White Set


Pink & White Full Set


Pink & White Fill


Pink Fill


Acrylic Full Set


Acrylic Fill


Vitamin Gel Full Set


Vitamin Gel Fill


Diamond Gel Full Set


Diamond Gel Fill


Ombré Full Set


Ombré Refill



Shellac French/American with Manicure


Shellac Color with Manicure


Shellac Color Only



(10 years old & under)*** Kids eat FREE ice cream! ***

Mini Manicure


Mini Pedicure


Mini Manicure & Pedicure Combo



Nail Repairs




Hand Polish Change


Toe Polish Change




Shellac Color


Shellac Color Take Off


Nail Take Off


Paraffin Wax


Neck & Shoulder Massage (10 min)


Legs & Feet Massage (10 min)



(Alcohol: Limit 2 cups per customer)



Diet Coke






White Wine



Crisp Wine




Red Wine

Fruity Red Sangria






White Zinfandel





Extra Dry